Thursday, June 3, 2010

Topic Of the Month! "Totem Animal"

Greetings Monolithic Peeps! I've been asked to come up with the goods this month by way of a topic, so not to disappoint, I give you the discourse: 'Totem Animal'

Here's the Brief...

Based on your herritage and background, create a concept illustration that depicts a great beast that best displays your connection to this background.... The guidelines are:

1) The piece has an apparent duality; depicting 'Man + Beast.' The beast can be real or mythological, or something real that is pushed stylistically towards a fantasy feel. The man/person ideally needs to be clearly connected to the beast through visual cues and a consistent visual theme.

2) The environment can be supportive of the Beast and the Man alike and be indicative of the place of your background (or your ancestry)

Other than this guys.... have fun! I'm looking forward to seeing the beasts you all unleash in the next 4 weeks!

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